Thursday, March 3, 2016

2016 and this person I have become is super woman!

Yep, it finally happened.

I woke up one day and I was not depressed anymore.

I'd like to think that going to the gym almost everyday had a big part in this new me.Whoever thought I 'd be one of those people?

Yes, I sweat and lift shit and I feel totally alright.

I have been thinking of my blog, my writing...

Yeah, I don't mind writing here again. In fact, dear readers, I will give you regular updates of my life from now on. Not that anything exciting is happening at the moment, single gal, living in the big city, oh yeah, I got a new job! I now teach adults in the night, so I meet all kinds of people. Mostly rich housewives that need a bit of excitment in their lives so they have decided to learn a new language.

Most of my classes are all women. I have just one guy in one of my advanced classes. I also made friends with the Italian teacher who really has fucked up classes. She has a class made up of only family members! ha ha ha its fucking hilarious. Apparently, this family is going for holiday in Italy in the summer so they want to learn a bit of Italian. Yes, people do shit like that. They have money to go for holidays and extra money to even learn a bit of the language before they get there. Not like some of us that just arrive somewhere and trust google.

Which reminds me of my time in Berlin recently. Somebody told me there was a Nigerian restaurant in the city so I got my google map and found my way there. I will write about that nonsense on my next blog.

I am back!!!