Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yeah, I like UB40, shoot me!

Hi people! Yeah, I know...back to reality and believe me I ain't thrilled about it. Being away from human beings is so good for the soul...for those that haven't tried it...please do. Anyway, so now that I have taken my holiday...what the fuck am I gonna do for the rest of summer? Anyway, this song is a favourite summer song and for some reason, its been on my mind...enjoy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer runs....

I am sure you are all "sweltering" in the summer heat...as for me, I am being grilled in my own fat, that’s why I have decided to escape the blistering asphalt of the city for the beautiful sea...yep, that’s right people, I'm off to swim. That’s all I am gonna do for the next week or so...so before I go, here's a rundown of what has been happening...or I think is happening...

Still there, I guess...they come in and out of my life like...what's the word I am looking for? ah well, can't be bothered...yeah, i see people once in a while...but to say the truth, I've sort of lost track with what's been happening to the whole lot of them...there might be pregnancies, marriages, etc, I wouldn't know..Somehow, I've become a recluse...and funny enough I am enjoying it!

Life in general
Very very interesting at the moment...it seems the older I get, the more care free I become...I just cannot be bothered. Things just seem to be flying right over my head without me batting an eyelid...everything is just so funny these days...i swear I could probably laugh at a funeral....I am on a constant high and I have no idea what I am high on...maybe it’s too much sun!

I am attempting to garden...yep...the only thing i ever grew in my life was that plant they made you grow in primary school for that "photosynthesis" experiment...you know, when the plant grows towards light bla bla bla...anyway, every summer I try to grow tomatoes...hehehehehe, oh dearie...and i am hopeless...but this summer, I ain't growing from scratch...all that seed planting bla bla bla...I am going to buy fully grown plants and pretend I am so great!

Heart and soul
Yeah, I am thinking of going to Amsterdam to nourish my soul...don't worry, my bohemian days are over...but I am thinking it might be time re visit some of my "Kafka" days....oh, don't be worried, I have managed to find a fellow accomplice who does not mind sinking into decadence for a while...

Well, I am off to enjoy the sun and sea!

Be cool, love, eat, pray, and do any other thing you wanna!


Saturday, June 7, 2008

In other words...

I swear I try my best
I swear that is all I try to do
Everyday when I wake up,that is all I want to do

I swear I give my best
I swear that is all I give
Everyday when I wake up, that is all I try to give

I swear I never want to say this
I swear I try never to say this
Everyday when I wake up, this is what I never want to say...

In other words, fuck you too.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

On a hot sunday afternoon...

It is almost 30 degrees...the grass outside is brown. I decide to take a nap. I am too tired and life has not been too optimistic lately. I am halfway into my nap when the door bell rings. I open the door and its a young girl about 14 years old.

"Hi! my school mates and I are trying to collect money for a summer trip to prague..."

I look at the tray she is carrying, a collection of tea and coffee. She tells me how special the tea is and how much it costs..apparently I can get a discount depending on how much I buy...

"I 'll see what I have" I say, as I go into the kitchen and bring out my coin box.

"Can I have a glass of water?" she calls out from the door way.

"Come in, would you like coke instead? I have ice too" I say.

She comes in and tells me how hot it is, nobody opens their door, and if they do, they are so rude...they just shout "I don't want anything" and bang the door, she says.

"Yeah, people here are stingy". I laugh as she drinks her glass of coke with ice.

"So lets see what you have" I say.

She recommends a mixture of orange and cactus...or something strange like that....

I tell her I will trust her suggestion and hunt her down if she is wrong.

She laughs and then she says one of the best things I have heard from a stranger this year...

"You are so nice! You let me come in and then you give me coke...that has never happened to me...people are never that nice...and you are so happy...I hope I'll be like you when I grow up"

Imagine! That is what that child says!

I smile at her and wish her good luck and now, I do not think I can sleep anymore. I think I am going to take a shower and feel pretty satisfied with my soul for a while.