Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maybe it's just me...

Another of my friends just pulled another facebook moment on me. I mean, here is somebody I had been in touch with through out the year...and yesterday, all of a sudden, I see a baby picture on her facebook! Surprise! I have a baby...but how, when, where? I mean all this time you were pregnant? why didn't you say?....She says she wanted it to be a surprise! Yeah! On facebook! I don't get people these days, everybody just acts funny...anyway, maybe its me.

I have been very ill for a long time now. Slowly getting stuck to my bed...does anybody call? No. Does anybody wonder if I have somehow died in my apartment and wild cats are feeding off my carcass? No. So why then, do people expect me to jump at the slightest reason to be with them? Are they fucking nuts? No. I am reading a book and eating biscuit...I do not wish to spend time with people who only remember one when it is convenient for them. Its like being a convenient christian. When one is grinding away, fucking your pelvic bones to dust, when does the word "fornication" come up? Never.

Anyway, nothing noteworthy in my life except at the very moment, I am going through something...a phase...I don't even know what it is. I am not sad, I am not depressed, I am just there...Seems like I am always going through old am I again? I haven't even been writing anymore...and that's bad...real bad..

Damn...anyway, maybe its not the world, maybe its just me...but still... I hate this shitty world. How the fuck do people do it?

But not to worry, I will be eating icecream soon and laughing like crazy...or maybe I should get drunk...tmrw is friday after all...hmmmmmm...nice thought...