Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hello guys! Here are some of my favourite authors on a book tour! Yippeeeee! I am especially glad because Warri and Benin are both venues! I am expecting a big turn out for my guy, Eghosa. I am sorry I will be missing hearing Isi who I predict will be too funny and of course, Jumoke whose poems I always enjoy reading. Pity I won't be hearing them speak but many of you can, so please take the time to hear them talk about their books and get your copies signed as well.

I always enjoy going for book meetings and I am happy Nigeria is offering readers a chance to meet, discuss and share opinions. Another reason I enjoy going for book meetings(that's what I call them, whatever) is because you always meet very cool people there! I have had so many fascinating conversations at such events and I have made a couple of friends too. I hope some of you take the time to support our writers...and please, keep reading!

From May 2nd to Saturday June 6th 2009, nine Nigerian writers will embark on a book tour to 4 cities across Nigeria. The event is themed 9 Writers, 4 Cities: The Book Tour, and it is a series of book readings, book signings and discussions. Each event will be recorded and made available for download online. The series of weekend readings will hold in Benin, Ibadan, Lagos and Warri. The first event, which is to be hosted by Writers Anonymous at the African Artists Foundation in Lagos, will be followed by a ‘Book Party’.

The participating writers are: Odia Ofeimun (poet and author of The Poet Lied), Toni Kan (author of Nights of a Creaking Bed), Lindsay Barrett (journalist, poet and author of several books, including Song for Mumu), Jumoke Verissimo (author of I am Memory), Tade Ipadeola (a lawyer and author of the poetry collection A Sign of Times), Joy Isi Bewaji (author of Eko Dialogue), Eghosa Imasuen ( medical doctor and author of To Saint Patrick), A. Igoni Barrett (managing editor of Farafina magazine and author of From Caves of Rotten Teeth) and Bimbo Adelakun ( journalist and author of Under the Brown Rusted Roofs).

The series of events will take place at the following places:

Lagos: Saturday, 2nd May, 2009 at the African Artists Foundation, No 54, Raymond Njoku Street, Ikoyi, Lagos

Lagos: Sunday, 17th May at The Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki Express Way, Lekki

Lagos: Saturday 6th June, 2009 at the African Artists Foundation, No 54, Raymond Njoku Street, Ikoyi, Lagos

The 6-week tour will be reported on the Farafina magazine blog, The Farafinist. Audio and video recordings of each reading will also be placed on the Switched On website as podcasts. Dada Books, Daylight Media and Auggust Media are also media partners in this project.

The dates and venues of the Benin, Warri and Ibadan events will be sent out soon.

For further information, please call 07061141232, email

Saturday, April 25, 2009


The weekend is finally here. I am spending my time baking cake (again!...I should start getting money for this new found hobby) for a one year old birthday party, which I have also volunteered to make jollof rice as my birthday present. I no get money. I am giving in "kind". Anyway, my week has been uneventful but totally pleasurable. Spent the last two nights lost in Mandela's biography Long Walk To Freedom. It is a huge book but I am nearly at the end now. I had a very unhealthy fascination with Mandela as a child(don't know if I have mentioned it on my blog before, but anyway)I remember watching a particular program about him and he made such an impression on my young mind that for days afterwards, I used to ask my father "Is Mandela free yet?".
Now I am guessing it was obviously during the world wide "Free Mandela" campaign that was initiated during the 80's. After that, my father took great pains to explain the situation in South Africa to me. I am sure I never really understood it but it no doubt made me angry that something like that was happening. I remember asking all the time "but why can't they all just live together?". Anyway, after those first questions, I became a bit obsessed with any news about Mandela and my father was a ready accomplice in feeding my mind with news and updates about the situation. He got irritated with me after a while though, since I had no idea that things did not change every single day.

I also don't remember how my obsession died but after the initial euphoria over his release, new things took over. Secondary school, boarding house and other new obsessions.

That is why when I saw the book, lying there, gathering dust in the book shelf in my friend's living room, I just had to read it. Finally, I would know who this man really is.

What did I really know about him? What did I really know about South Africa? What, do I know now?

I have to say I knew plenty, but not enough.(The truth is I have not been fascinated at all these last years. I never watched any of those concerts or campaigns, I did not watch his birthday thingy and I certainly have lost track of Winnie..)

Anyway, so thats what has taken my mind away. My soul however, is still very much on earth. Loving, praying, and living.

Have a great weekend.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A little bit of everything...

I am so grateful for last week...and this week. Nothing special happened, my apartment is still empty and I still have not bought a proper bed so my back hurts all the time. Yet...yet...there is really something that happens when you genuinely surrender your burdens(I wrote "shit" before, but somehow it seemed a bit crude to use the word "shit" so near the word "God") to God...and the universe. For real, if you have done absolutely everything you can...wetin you wan do again? For all those, still thinking, hoping, wishing...e don do oh. Let the shit go and leave your life. It might not be what you "hoped" for, but baby, you have no choice, that's what you've got for the mean time, so just fucking live.

Anyway, point is, even with all the shit, I don't think I have ever got my mind to be as peaceful as it has been. I managed to not miss out on beautiful moments like a little kid stamping "terrific" at the back of my palm, or an older guy telling me how sexy he thinks I am, or baking three huge cakes for my friend who for some reason, has promised to feed 50 people with them(but does not know how to bake)

I had a good week and I am grateful for that, lets hope my mind continues on its peaceful path this week as well.

I watch a lot of least, I try to...I'd watch a documentary over a movie any day. I always want to know what other people are doing. A dear friend of mine calls me "intrusive", because I always ask one million and one questions, "what are you doing now? " what are you going to do in a minute?" " what will you do when you are sleeping?". I am curious about people's lives. I make up stories in my head about the people I see on trains and buses. I have almost followed a couple of people just cos I REALLY wanted to know where they were going. Sometimes I strike up conversations with strangers just to know "WHAT DO YOU DO IN THIS WORLD?"...anyway, back to documentaries. So that's why I watch them. There are so many people living different lives in different situations, in different countries. I am afraid I will never be able to know EVERYTHING in the world...but I am giving it a good shot.

Right. Where were we again? Yes,, I am scrolling through the most recent ones that have been shown on TV , when I see this. I just loved the name, "Suddenly, last winter", I had no idea what it was all about but I decided to watch it anyhow just cos I loved the title. I never knew Italy was so homophobic...okay, I know the Pope has them by the balls, but come on, they always look so hot and sexy, fashionable (Fashion world, hallo?) and...I don't know...tolerant? Imagine my surprise then, to watch this eye opening documentary about partnership laws in Italy. I mean, people living together still don't have rights? ehhhhn, aren't they part of E.U?(and I am not talking about just gays but also people that want to live together but do not wish to get married, it could be any combination, I mean, what happens if one of them dies? or is ill?)Fucking unbelievable!

Anyway, even though I learnt so much, the best thing about this doc are the guys. So, so brilliant, witty and what a sense of humour!

Wishing you all a good week!
Lots of love

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This definitely "werks" for me...

Yeah, keep talking, this Ghanian accent is definitely hot...say "work" again, and please, please, all the pronouns...umhhhhmmm, that's right, keep talking...

"Yes indeed, I went to Kwame Nkrumah University, good guess!"

umhhhhhhmmmm, thats what I thought, with a face like this...only the best...only the best...

"And you are from the Delta, right?"

Ummmhhhhmmmm, I am from anywhere you want me to be from, baby...

"Can I have your number?"

ummmhhhhmmmm, you can have my number anytime baby....

"When can I call you?"

ummhhhhhmmm, what about right now? This, definitely, werks for me...

Who knew Ghanian men were so hot? Hot Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An easter lesson...

Many things going on in my life, but the most uplifting happened yesterday when I went to borrow some movies. I just moved to this area and I really have not had time to explore around properly. I just walk to the station every morning and thats it. Anyway, I saw an advert for a gym and decided to track the place down. I was disappointed to find out that it had many "conditions" attached to it. Card for this, card for that, 12 months contract, pay for this, pay for that, and they insisted on everything being taken from your account every month, you know, that automatic stuff...whatever it is called....

Na today I dey go gym for this country? Hisssssssssssssssssssssss

Anyway, so that was a total disappointment of course, but next door was a movie store. So I decided to rent some movies instead, just to feel like I had not wasted my time going all the way there.

I get the movies, I get a drink and already start drinking my ginger ale(I asked if it was okay to start drinking before paying, and he said yes)...anyway, this is what happened...

"Right, these two movies, the drink, and here's my card"

"Oh sorry, I only accept cash"

I look at the drink in my hand....Shit! I knew I should have paid first before I started drinking...

"Is there a cash machine nearby?"

"Yeah, at the station"

"Okay, so I'll just run down and get the money, okay?"

"That's such a drag, don't worry,you can just pay when you return the movies..."

"You trust me like that?"


"What if I never come back?"

"You will"

"What if I just take your movies and you never hear from me again"

"Nah, you are not that kind of person, you will be back"

"Thanks so much, I ll be back with them, tomorrow, don't worry"

"I am not worried, I know you'll come back"

There you have it! Two faces of humanity! One just wants to cheat you out of every penny you have and the other, is willing to trust in good faith...that's all there is to life at the end of the day.

Hope you all have a good rest and have enough time for reflection, compassion and love at this time.

Happy Easter

Lots of love,

Monday, April 6, 2009

Let the penis go...

You serenade me to sleep today
but come tomorrow,
and I shall cry myself to sleep
You love me today,
but come tomorrow,
and you shall love another
You care for me today
but come tomorrow
and you shall care for another

That is the game that we play
here today, gone tomorrow
That is the pain that we get
hurt today, hurt tomorrow

If pain is all we get, why are we still playing?

Let the penis go, it is nothing but trouble, let the penis go...