Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thoughts on a saturday...

Have you ever woken up and all of a sudden knew exactly what you had to do? I don't know when last I had such clarity of mind. Maybe when I was in boarding school. I used to wake up knowing exactly how I wanted my day to go and what time units I had to allocate for "punishment".

Well,I woke up from a dream in the begining of this month knowing exactly how I wanted this last part of the year to be, next year and in fact some part of my future. This never happens. Me, planning stuff.

Is this a part of my brain waking up, perhaps? Has it been asleep all this while?

Two people have remarked on my new found energy. My friend Maria, said to me the other day,"this sounds like the waffy I used to know" and the Persian, who also said "you know, these days, you are full of energy, always up to something". Take today, for example. I came to the library where I now have my office(Yes, my office is in the library. You may wonder why? Well, I happen to book a couple of hours each day in a private room with a computer. Its wonderful. I pretend this is really my office. The sad part is that you can't book many hours in a day). On getting here, I realised I forgot as usual, my code. Now, the normal me, would have given up. Okay, well another day. But no, not this new person. I went back home, got the code and now I have been here doing some good work.

Anyhow, so now I actually have a working schedule. For work, for writing, for exercise, for reading, for cooking, for shopping. I am telling you. I am on the roll here.

In fact, I am going to get a calender and start ticking off stuff as the day goes by.

If only I could get a good sleeping pattern...everything would be perfect.

Happy weekend.

P.S: We'll see how long this schedule lasts...he he he he



Anonymous said...

Good luck with it waffy, u will be surprised how much u will get done sticking to a schedule.

Sugabelly said...

Good for you. For me it's actually the opposite. I wake up everyday having no idea what I'm supposed to be doing and just make it up as I go along.

I really need a purposeful schedule.