Monday, May 21, 2012

What a woman!

Books always make me calm. He said he would be late. I looked at the shelves...past the usual serious fiction I would go for...nothing interests me these days. Everybody has the same melancholy thoughts. All these writers always thinking so much. I walked down to the "chick lit" section. Nothing there either. My old friend "crime" beckoned to me...Perhaps it was time to rekindle my teenage relationship? 

But he was going to be late...ten minutes, he said. I spent some time chatting with the book people, getting recommendations and asking about new books. They seemed keen on chatting. It was a slow day. I bought a cup of coffee and tried to look cool. How did I look? I had my "Diana Ross" hair. A hairstyle I was getting more comfortable in these days even if it meant more people looking at me.Suddenly, he was across the room, smiling in dark shades. Lord. 

I smiled back at him. I could not read his face. Was not sure if he was as nervous as I was.

"I hope you are not in a rush cos I intend to finish my coffee. I had to buy a book because of you" I said. 

"I'm really sorry I'm late. You can send me the bill for the book" he said. 

The conversation flowed easily from there. I am good with conversations and being "easy breezy" as Tina says. I know how to not talk about anything. 

I felt like a teenager. My friends had laughed when I said I was going to the movies with him. Seems adults dating was all about wine and chatting in restaurants and bars.
When he held my hand, I smiled. When last did anybody do that? Reach for my hand in the movies? It all felt surreal. I was already thinking of how I would describe the scenario..."suddenly I felt the warmth of his hand on mine. I looked at him and he just seemed so happy so I held his hand tight"...but what the hell was I doing? shouldn't  I be living in the moment? Just enjoying this feeling?

Then at dinner, he reached across the table to remove some strands of hair from my face.

"You know when I saw you sitting there, from across the room, with your hair, and your smile and everything, I thought to myself "wow! what a woman!"

...Maybe it was the movie, or the hand holding or the dinner afterwards...but I was feeling not like myself. Not like I was a woman...

I was feeling something else. Like the whole world had stopped and all I could see was him...


"Yeah...what a woman!"


Patrice said...

I know those noses. I once described one to a friend as a "big blue honker." Our ten cent coin ('dime') has a picture of the Bluenose on the reverse side. But the Bluenose is not a nose at all. It is a racing schooner.

Patrice said...

Sound almost perfect. I hope it is not fiction. I can't be sure, because in your previous post you wrote,

"Been on a few dates with no reasonable outcome, other than sending childish messages to my friend Tina and giggling like an idiot. We have reverted back to being teenagers with this dating thing. I am beginning to suspect that now we just go on these dates because of our sick humour."

This doesn't sound like one of those dates.

Nolimit said...

This sounds like the beginning of something really great!!!
And I hope this is not fiction!!!:)

Waffarian said...

Lol, No, its not fiction! It really happened.

@Patrice: Yeah, I went to the date with that attitude "okay, lets see how hopeless this will be" but it turned out great, as you can see...yeah, it was really really nice.

Anonymous said...

Love is in the air....Yeah! Really happy for you. Take care.