Monday, August 6, 2012

Update, I guess...

Nothing much. Mostly been following the Olympics. Have been ill since I came back from the country side. Have been indoors and on facebook ( by the way, what's the deal with people quoting themselves on facebook? I swear, they put up a few miserable lines and then put their own names after the quote! If you have made it up, why not just let it be on your status update like normal? Why the need to put it in quotes and then your name after it as if its some bad-ass quotation that the whole world is gonna want to have? Its the stupidest shit I have ever seen...ego tripping ....) for 4 days now. But today I 'll try and resume normal activities of life, I don't want to waste the beautiful sunny days of August.

A bit inspired, not much, but its coming. I need to sort out my head before September. I cant have these thoughts swimming in my head. Time to get rid of them.

Been thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking...

I swear, I hate thinking. I wish I could stop thinking.

Otherwise, I am okay. Nothing noteworthy.  Been chatting a bit with an old friend. We are sometimes in touch quite intensely and then at other times we just disappear from each others lives. This is one of the intense periods, when I want to chat and talk with him ALL the time.

Meanwhile, anybody reading anything? Haven't bought anything recently so I am kinda dry...anyway, please suggest stuff.

Love to the crazy world. I have no idea what the hell I am doing here but yeah, gats to keep pushing, right?


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JMO said...

You should read anything by Vonnegut. He is simply wonderful.