Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter, gym, travelling...

I went back to the gym yesterday, the first time this year. I have been slacking. Seriously.

It was snowing, white fluffy snow...I met a friend for lunch then he dropped me off and I walked to the gym. On the way, I saw a homeless person all curled up under a dirty grey blanket on the side walk. I suppose he/she was sleeping. I did not have any money and I was not brave enough to stop and ask whoever it was underneath if there was no where else he/she could go. It was freezing. Nobody should be sleeping out in this weather. Well, unfortunately, I walked on by. I could almost hear the song "its another day for you and me in Paradise" in my head.

 The gym was not as painful as I thought it would be. But today my stomach muscles hurt. I tried to wake up early to go to the gym but ofcourse I fucked up. The alarm rang and all of a sudden, sleeping seemed so important.

Life in general is okay. I am seriously thinking of  travelling...for long periods of different parts of the world... Or at least Asia. It is a fact that my life is not going to be the regular normal society-demands-of-you kind of life. It is not going in that direction and never has so why not embrace my lifestyle fully? Whats the use of being free and at the same time not enjoying it? Its not like there is another choice at the moment so I might as well enjoy myself completely.

I am not waiting for anything to happen. Its happening now, this is it. My life is not regular, I accept it as it is.

Now all I have to do is save some money.

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