Thursday, January 31, 2008

The prize

I wish you would let me go
to chase my childish quests and fantasies
sow my oats and then some more
see my path and then divert,
zig zagging like the fool I am
yet, you watch me do these things and smile
ever patient with your calm presence
you still my racing heart with your hand
and lead me from a path filled with thorns
you are never afraid to take my hand
and show me the way

I already know I won
For you were my prize a long time ago.


Afrobabe said...

Yipeeeee me first, I hope :)

Anonymous said...

ok this is real mushy mooshy mooshy.... abi na hints u won start to de write for... hehehe lol!
have a nice evening!

Waffarian said...

@afrobabe, yes you are! yayyyyyyyyy!

@anonymous, hehehehe yes oh... e no dey easy.

ibilola said...

"For you were my prize a long time ago"
Lurv dat line!

Afrobabe said...

Ok, now that I am sure I am first....

who is holding the babe back?

Tell them they run the risk of being dumped if they don't let u do ur thing!!!

miss hotbody said...

sowing wild oats? always thot waffarian was a woman. nice lyrical poem.

Waffarian said...

@miss hotbody, I am oh...can i not sow too? heheheh