Thursday, March 6, 2008


First anonymous 50% passed

Doja 0% failed

Second anonymous 75% passed

Uzezi 25% failed

For the love of me 25% failed

Isi 50% passed

Catwalq 75% passed


1. Make una no swallow anything anyhow oh!:Una know as men dem fit lie anyhow, ehen. For example, your bobo talk say im wan buy biscuit. Na which one you go choose?

a)E no dey go buy biscuit
b)E fit come back with anything self
c)Even self, if im want,e no go buy anything
d)The man fit waka from there, dey go e own
e)Na all of the above

The correct answer na e, all of the above: My people, man waka no get head or tail, dem just dey waka anyhow.

2. No be only you be the woman for im life: Our Naija men! Chei! Dem too like woman. Black oh, yellow oh, thin oh, fat oh, anyone, dem no dey take eye dey see woman. For example, your bobo come introduce you give another woman wey im call “co-worker”, for your mind, na who she be?

a) Na im co-worker, na
b) No be im co-worker
c) Na im other woman
d) E fit be anybody

The correct answer na d: The woman fit be anybody. She fit be im sister, neighbor, im pikin mama, im sugar mummy, she fit be im tailor self. You no fit know.

3. Love ke?:Love na one kain word wey our men sabi throw way anyhow. Na so the thing dey comot for their mouth like say na serious matter dem dey talk. For example, as una just krom finish, im come talk one of the following, which one you suppose choose?

a)I love you die.
b)Baby, from now till forever more, na you I go love
c)Honey, my own mission for life, na to love you.
d)Dem never make woman for dis world wey I fit love pass you!

See ya mouth like love! You don craise?

4.Make by mistake you no go show am say you get sense oh: This one na the number one rule self. You know as our men be, dem like to dey think say na dem know book pass, ehen. For example,: your bobo talk say im no know the meaning of “inconsequential”. Im come ask you if you know the meaning self, wetin u suppose do?

a) You go tell am na
b) You go give am dictionary
c) Shuooo, you go talk say you no know na
d) You go ask am why im wan know
e) None of the above

You go just bend head, be like mumu, dey scratch ya head. Na the only thing u fit do. If you like open ya mouth like over sabi, na there, ya relationship go end finish.


Ms. Catwalq said...

so as I get plent marks so, wetin be my prize. i hope say e include fine boy with properly toned bodi wey u don put for "eromplane" come my side because e don tey small wey your sister don organise hersef? oya talk, wetin e be?

Naapali said...

so as atutu ask, wey de man quiz.

For the love of me said...

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. I failed. Oh my

Isi said...

@for the love of me: take heart. lol!

so waffy how far now! wetin be my prize!

Afrobabe said...

mennn this ur class sweet oh...if this was what the tot in school I would have listened!!!

Allied said...

lol... Oya another exam..

I go seat next to catwalq.. as per dubbing now

Jaja said...

you never set the man exam finish?

Uzezi said...

omote, how me go fail na! me no gree oh. anoda exam please. i hear say 'warri no dey carry last'

Ms. emmotions said...

lol, u forgot to mention the prizez ......

guerreiranigeriana said...

lol...i concur with afrobabe...they should taught this o!!! should prepare the online course o!!!...

Doja said...

What! I need further 'man' lessons, any teachers?