Wednesday, April 16, 2008

An empty battlefield....

Poor you! In desperation you stand,
Alone, on an empty battle field
You must take your last stand
So you stand with your sword and shield
You get ready your victory band
and will an invisible enemy to yield
With nothing but desperation for a bandstand,
you stand alone on an empty battle field


Ms. Catwalq said...

which kain yeye post be dis sef?

I bin talk say make u talk better thing, u come dey address soldier?
who send u message go fight?

if nobody else dey the battle ground, u suppose return home

Waffy, I go brush you o...

make i go read the post sef...

Waffarian said...

@ abeg, no kill me with laughter dis kain early night ohhhhhhh

Uzezi said...

a poem abi?
let's pretend i wrote this, i would dedicate it to someone i know, and u know, and some other people know.