Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If the cap fits...

"The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense"

- Tom Clancy

"Waffy, look, just bone up. You hear me? Fuck everything, you are strong, you can do this, bone hear me?"

That was my sister.

"Waffy, toughen up, you have been through worse, you know where you are coming from, toughen up"

That was my friend, Emeka.

"Buckle up, my friend!"

That was my mother.

"You need a strategy"(strategy said with a french accent)

That was my brother.

"Abeg, life is not that hard"

My other sister.

"When I get a good job, you can get anything you want, as far as I can pay in installments"

My other brother.(Yes,it did make me feel better!)

Everything now seems hilarous to me(at the end of the day, the line is quite thin). I mean, sometimes life is so absurd that one do nothing but laugh about just how deliciously ridiculous things are.

Come on, there must be more to life than acting this role that I am expected to. I mean, who gave me that particular role anyway? I did not get any memo saying "waffy, this role has been made specifically to suit your character". I don't even know what this theatre show is about anyway, how am I expected to act my part?

Nahhhhhhhh, y'all just go ahead and have a good time. I'll observe from the sidelines and when I see a part that might suit me, I'll jump right in!

Until then, I intend to treat every thing as if it was meant to be laughed at.

I am all "boned up".

P.S: Don't bother making sense of this post, I can't either. But the point is , I am now "hard core" know, untouchable...


simplegal said...

LOL...I now know who to come to if anyone messes with me...the new hardcore Waffy!!!

Afrobabe said...

you are now a waffarian!!

Tigeress said...

:) Gangsta!!!!!!

StandTall-The Activist said...

I do understand this post perfectly and I like your new spirit. Wish I could do same thing in tough and rough situations