Monday, April 6, 2009

Let the penis go...

You serenade me to sleep today
but come tomorrow,
and I shall cry myself to sleep
You love me today,
but come tomorrow,
and you shall love another
You care for me today
but come tomorrow
and you shall care for another

That is the game that we play
here today, gone tomorrow
That is the pain that we get
hurt today, hurt tomorrow

If pain is all we get, why are we still playing?

Let the penis go, it is nothing but trouble, let the penis go...


Ms. Catwalq said...

you were holding it before?

Adaeze said...

hmm..i wonder too.

Jeremy said...

let the penis go, or let it shrink? You know there are plenty of people from your side who claim to at least do the latter, and some who claim to be able to make it disappear altogether. maybe you need to train to be a Dibia..


Mogaji said...

LOL at previous comments

So you are going to remain a spinster (i don't know what the PC euphemism for spinster is)

If you are feeling pain pele

If it's just mistrust, then mistrust just might make you the most secure.

Tairebabs said...

we play because its human nature to fall down and stand up again...besides if we let the penis go that means no action kidding.