Thursday, January 20, 2011


All these words... but I don't hear you
I don't want to.
I am broken and you can't fix me.

Words don't mean anything to me.

I am nothing but trouble.
Just go.
And take your sweet words with you.


Longsufferer said...

happening again...getting disillusioned...need to get out of this darkness surrounding me

Waffarian said...

@LS: how far? what's up?

Adaeze said...

Hmm In some ways I wish I was there, but I am not, yet. How are you Waffy? Your blog is one of my most beloved. I am back in the blogsphere..

Waffarian said...

@Adaeze: Where have you been??? Welcome back!

Adaeze said...

well, i wrote about it in my new post on my blog....hope to hear more from you! ;-)