Saturday, March 5, 2011

We'll see...

I have only one answer for men these days and that's "we'll see..."

"Oh waffy, we'll do this and that"
"We'll see..."

"Oh waffy, we'll go here and there"
"We'll see..."

"Oh waffy, you know, I am this kind of man that bla bla bla bla (by the way, why do men like to always tell you the "kind of men" they are? Its boring. They usually all say the same thing anyway)
"We'll see..."

"Oh waffy, I know you will like this and that"
"We'll see..."

For everything they say, "we'll see" won't we?

So the Cypriot said "next week when I get back, we'll do lots of fun stuff, go out, maybe to the movies, have dinner somewhere"

and I said: "We'll see"

and he said "Why do you say that? don't you want to?"

and I said "Well, nobody knows tomorrow, you could just drop dead"

I mean, come on, if we are gonna do those things then we just do them...all this "we'll do this and that", its quite irritating. You know how many things I am supposed to be doing right now with all kinds of men? Hell, I should be in Cape Verde by now, drinking barcadi and cola...


longsufferer said...

Tell me about rittt...u mean sharm el shiekh or marrakech ???..don't u...sipping some nice cocktails whilst in d spa....

Adaeze said...

ah bring me to cape verde too. i completely agree on men trying to tell u the kind of men they are.. bullcrap.