Monday, June 13, 2011


2 hours on bicycle to my friend's place on the other side of town.

Had lunch. Drank lots of coffee so I don't sleep on the way back. Left her place by 7o'clock.

Got home by 9:30.

So many dangers on the way. Other cyclists speeding like no man's business. People on their phones not paying attention to where they are going. Old people. Cars trying to park and almost hitting cyclists. Buses. Taxis.

Lord have mercy.

I was forced to get down many times and walk cos everybody just seemed to be crazy this evening.

At one point, there were two cyclists talking and cycling side by side blocking the narrow cycling path while a third who was also with them was on the phone and zig zagging beside them so I could not get past any of them because beside the two idiots talking were cyclists coming from the opposite direction. To top it all, we got to a crossing where an old couple was trying to make it to the other side while at the same time a taxi was trying to turn or something...

I was wondering if they were all normal...for real...was I the only one seeing that this was a potential accident? What is wrong with these people?

I made it back home safely but it took total concentration not to hit someone or get hit by another.

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Anonymous said...

Waffy, hope u were cycling on the bicycle track and not on the side walk, like so many ppl do. Also hope u have lights that work so that u can be seen when cycling at night.