Monday, February 27, 2012

Busy Bee...

I have been quite busy lately. Which just means one thing for my blog: DRY.

Yep, I have nothing but dryness to report which is a good thing I think since that just means there is no drama to report.

Everybody around me is busy as well so I predict this blog will go through a spell of dryness for some time.

A friend of mine recommended Nawal El Saawdawi's Zina: The stolen novel so just started that. It seems to be promising. I'll read a bit more before I go to bed tonight.

Also reading The monk who sold his Ferrari but just started that as we'll see. Sometimes I read two or more books at a time cos they are needed for different situations. One for public transportation ie in my everyday bag and the other by my bedside and sometimes one for back up just in case I get bored I can have an alternative....sometimes for no reason at all, just because they are there and I am curious.

Met a very unusual person who is quite quiet but if you speak to him then he says all sorts of interesting stuff. However, if you don't ask him anything he just stays mute and almost goes unobserved.

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