Monday, March 12, 2012

Chasing the sun...

Anybody else feeling summer around the corner?

Time to find new songs...if anybody has some tips, feel free to share. Anything light, coconutty, breezy, etc.

Yesterday I chased the sun.

It was a beautiful day. My stockings kept creeping down my legs. I was forced to buy a new one in a shop, then I went to a fancy shopping mall and changed in the toilet. I pretended I was a spy. I almost wished I had a wig.

Then I bought a hotdog and sat in a park and read until the sun went down.

When I got home I was so exhausted. All day all I did was try to find spots that were sunny. It was no easy feat. Every time I crossed to one part of the street, the sun went to another.

Its weird how the first summers without him I felt strange being on my own, doing my things...and now...I look forward to doing my usual things. There is no longer a cloud of melancholy over my bicycle rides, my swimming, my long walks, my dozing on the I just think of how lucky I am to be able to do all the things I love doing.

I don't even know anymore when I am alone or not...I am my own company. I catch myself laughing at my own jokes and smiling when I am sitting on the bus or train.

I can't describe it but the best I can say is I don't feel "lonely". I am alone but not lonely.

In fact, when people come around, they disturb my groove...ha ha ha...I just want them to go away so I can get back to my own thing.

Which reminds me, I was gonna get a drink before the nearby restaurant closes. Perhaps its already closed.


Myne Whitman said...

With our time change yesterday, we just welcomed Spring. Can't wait for summer.

Patrice said...

We had a prolonged autumn, now morphing into spring. Winter took a leave of absence this year.

Joni Mitchell may not be "coconutty" but she is always bright, light and breezy.

Enkay said...

The sun literally does lift one's spirits. Summer comes with its many possibilities....
Only that in my part of the world, sometimes we get 'too much' sun. lol!