Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I was sitting quietly by myself reading my book when three foreign students come in. One sits beside me, the Chinese guy. The other two take the two seats in front of me. A french guy and a Japanese guy(with an American accent, I guess he must have studied there cos his English was not great but he had a distinct American accent).

Anyway, from the moment they entered, the whole bus began to stink of alcohol. They entered and then greeted another guy who was sitting with his girlfriend. Made small chat with him and then proceeded to take their places in my zone.

Basically this was the level of conversation for most of the journey...

"You know what we should do? We should go and drink and play pool"

"Yes, definitely" (the Chinese guy always agreed with every suggestion with "yes definitely" or "Of course")

"You know? we should go fishing" (suggestion from French guy with terrible accent)

"Yes definitely!"

"We should play chess...yesterday was so much fun...I had a huge glass of whiskey and big joint and he (referring to Chinese guy) had liters of beer and we were just playing Chess"

"Yes, we should play chess"

"Do you play Badminton?" (Japanese guy to Chinese guy)

"Yes, we should play Badminton!"

Anyway, basically this was the level and then...

"Those English girls last night were big bitches" (French guy)

"Yes, they were bitches"

Of course, now I am listening...

Then they proceed to have a stupid conversation about how they had been out the night before with some girls and why exactly were they bitches? cos none of them got laid!

"Really big bitches..."

But this is not why there are pigs, all of a sudden, the conversation changes to the guy and his girlfriend they had greeted when they first walked in...

"He is such a nice guy, the girlfriend is know so easy going" (French guy)
"Yeah, he looks easy going" (Japanese guy)

"Really great guy to hang around with, you know down for whatever, very nice...just goes with the flow, like whatever"


"So should I send her the message now?"

"But wait...what exactly is your objective?" (I swear he used this word "objective" English is not your mother tongue, stuff like this always gives you away...)

"My objective? the objective is to fuck her"

"So, you just want to fuck, right? not like you like her or..."

"No, no, just you know, just to fuck...nothing else..."

"Don't send her the text now, you know the boyfriend is right there so she will not answer...wait when she is alone"

"Yeah, yeah, you are right..."

At this point, I am seeing that they are looking at the other guy and his girlfriend but I seriously don't want to believe that they are talking about the same people because that will just destroy all my hope for humanity...

But then...the guy who is with his girlfriend, gets off at one of the stops, says goodbye to his girlfriend and greets these three idiots on his way out...

"Alright, man!"
"See you later!"

(Laughter all around...)

Now the girl is sitting alone.

"Okay, now I will go and sit and chat with her" (french guy)

"Yeah, yeah" (all round encouragement)

I am still hoping somewhere inside that its not that girl...please let it be someone else...

The french guy goes straight to the vacated boyfriend's seat...and I mean, the seat must have still been warm from the boyfriend...

I don't know if I have ever been more disgusted in my entire life.

I gave them the longest "hiss" possible in the history of mankind and "eyed" them as disgustingly as I could as I got off the bus. I did not want to do more cos since they are on my route, chances are I will run into them often and these are the kind of guys that will just insult you from head to toe without blinking...before next time they see me, it will be "see that big bitch" "yes, the big bitch"

Men are pigs.


SHE said...

These ones take the trophy. What dumb conversations!

Sugabelly said...

Hahahaha oh my goodness. As someone who lived most of my college life in e International dorm, i could picture their accents perfectly.

But yes, men are pigs.

O.U.I VILLA! said...

Aww come on guys! Sure that was a crappy and disgusting scenario but that isn't enough to say men are pigs. Okay...

Women are bitches... Dogs...

That isn't a very nice thing to say, is it? Not to mention the fact that my statement is generic and very wrong. Anyway i can imagine the way you must have felt in that situation. I'm disgusted on so many levels all the way down here in Lagos, Nigeria. Love your blog though, very insightful.

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