Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday evening...

I had such a nice experience today. I was going to meet a friend but I had some time to spare so I roamed a bit around, going into shops and just looking at stuff. Found something for my friend. I was quite pleased with that, so I moved on.

I passed by a church. Its very beautiful inside, I have been there several times before. I went in and sat down. All of a sudden the most beautiful music started playing and a woman starts singing... opera. I closed my eyes and drifted away. I pretended that it was just for me. Especially for me. Only me. Those minutes were heavenly. After a few minutes, I decided to find out who was playing the music. There was a guy at the organ, two violinists and the opera singer. That those four people could produce something so beautiful was quite fascinating. I am encouraged to listen a bit more to classical music on my own. I only listen when it comes on the radio normally. Most time it gets me stressed and makes me have all kinds of boiling

My love life is still non existent. Come on now! Why is the universe fucking with me this way? huh?

The search life...

Happy friday!

P.S:  My mum called me while I was in the church so I mentioned that I was in church. She did not say anything then but later this evening she called me and asked me in a very suspicious voice "why were you in church?" lol. I swear she would have believed me if I had said that I was there for seducing the priest...or doing something equally I am a devil or something. So I can't just walk into a church? Do I need a reason? I just walked in cos it was there. I did not have anything particular to do in there.