Saturday, October 13, 2012

On my mind...

Woke up to see light streaming into my was beautiful.

I have a migraine...

I have decided to go for a walk. I thought of many things yesterday evening.

I went for a dinner with my former neighbours. It was something to do, it was being social, being friendly.

I realised how much I miss my friends who are all over the world. Even if I move to one part of the world to be with one person, I can never be with all of them at the same time and that sucks.

I think I need to see my family. I want to feel like I am part of something.

Life in general, is going well. I almost can't believe it that things are going so well and all I have to do is hang on for a little bit, just some months more and I would have accomplised everything I set out to do when I turned 30. Just hang on, hang on, don't give up now that you are so near. I can do it.

I just don't have any chemistry with some people. Its like totally bland. Nothing. No matter how I search, I can't find any kind of feelings. Totally numb. Its crazy like that.

Men:  I know you are out there, you might be right around the corner and you'll be the man that I love...

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