Sunday, May 5, 2013

Very adult like...

I covered my ears with my hands and closed my eyes, from far away, I could hear the shrieks, prayers and the babies crying and the plane was still rocking terribly but I had forced my mind into meditation..... metta, metta, metta, metta.......

Suddenly I felt two hard slaps on my arm, I got out out of  my trance in shock.

"Its okay now" the old lady sitting beside me said.

I looked around. Yes, it seemed to be peaceful. For how long had been out of it? Rocking myself like a lunatic?

"Just a little turbulence" she said

I did not reply, I stared into the dark clouds forcing myself back into reality.

Just 15 minutes more, just 15 minutes more.....

"Just a little turbulence indeed!" that's why people were holding unto each other and crying....

Was I really prepared to die?  Would I have accepted death without fear? I would not want to die in fear. My heart was still racing...

"Are you visiting someone?" the woman was trying hard to get me out of my mind...

"A mini holday" I replied. "And you?"

"Oh, we have a boat there, we are going to sail this month and June"

"Oh thats really fine, really fine. You are going to have a fine time"

"I hope so " she say.

Why do I keep saying "fine?" not wonderful, or nice, or great, but "fine"?

But my language skills had now reversed to my mother tongue. All other languages had sort of disappeared with fear.

The plane landed.

"Thank you" I say to her. She knows what I am thanking her for.

"No problem" she says and rubs my hand.

I walk confidently away with my backpack like a confident adult. Yes, I am adult, I can handle all sorts of crisis, I am super.

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