Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Somewhere else.

The wind was mild, the sun, shining. Lovers holding hands.

I walked behind them, taking in all the sights. The fishermen were offloading their fish and people were buying them all, straight from the net.

I stopped to stare.

"Do you want to buy some to take home?" my brother asked.

It was tempting.

"Nahhhhh. I can't be bothered" I replied.

He walked ahead, speaking with his girlfriend. She was laughing and holding his hand.

A guy jogged past without a shirt, sweating and making some strange hand movements, spontaneously, I jogged behind him, imitating his movements. I got a few laughs from the people around.

There is still so much I haven't seen in the world, I thought. So much. Where are all those ships going?

When we got to the beach, I took off my shoes and lay down.

"You are like a lizard, soaking up the sun" my brother said, taking a drag of his cigarette.

"Ehhhn, let it be. I don't care". I replied.

"You should put your feet in, its good for the blood circulation" he said.

I did that for a while and got bored. Then I lay down again.

"You would stay here all day if you could" he said.

"I would". I replied, my eyes closed.

A woman was sun bathing in a bikini. She seemed so confident. Her man kept talking pictures of her while she struck different poses.

What confidence! I thought. She was overweight.

"We should go now" my brother said.

I got up reluctantly. So much to see in the world, so much to do.


The Activist said...

"That moment when all you see in the universe is pure beauty and you marvel at its complicated essence..." - The Activist

tolla said...

nature is good to us all, things fine and wonderful.

tolla said...

all things bight and wonderful___________________ nature is good to us all.