Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I will see again.

I don't know why we are both giggling. There is nothing to giggle about. This is a serious situation. This might be the end of a journey of almost two years. But that is just one of those moments when all of a sudden, you are connecting with another human being.

"Walk around here now, can you see?" she asked

"I can, I can" I reply

"Now, look at him, can you see him?"

"Yes, I can, I can see everything"

and now we are giggling again. There is some kind of laughter coming on, and we both recognise that its going to be one of those hysterical laughters that can't be stopped.

"So is this the one then? Have we found it?" I ask, still in a state of giggles

"I think we have" she replied.

 Everything else we do after that is done with smiles and giggles.

"You are going to have a new grip on life from next year" she says

"I know" I reply, laughing

"Next year, a new grip" she says

We dont know how to say goodbye. Are we going to hug?

I look at her and say "I know I am laughing but seriously, thank you"

I put my hand on her arm and she holds it there for a moment.

And then we both start laughing again.

"Merry Christmas" I say and I walk out of the clinic before I start laughing again.

From next year, I will see again.

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