Sunday, March 29, 2009

A great weekend and characters at the airport....

I had a really good weekend. First of all, I got to see a childhood friend walk down the aisle in a very simple but beautiful court ceremony. I cried when they said their vows, in fact, I think I was already crying the moment she walked into the room. She looked so beautiful and happy. Then, I met a man who, is just...GREAT! He has been so incredibly kind and sweet to me...sometimes I wonder why he is being so nice to me...I get a bit dizzy thinking that someone actually cares....

Then, I got to see another family friend's new baby who was just the cutest little thing! I just pray the world is kind to the little angel, seeing new babies makes me worry a lot about our world and where humanity is heading...

Then this character at the airport: He looked like he just stepped out of a gangster movie or something...all shiny and new,in a pinstripe suit or whatever it is called, shiny shoes. It was some kind of beige colour and then a trench coat in a very funny brown colour. He kept adjusting and looking at himself, and I kept praying he would not sit next to me cos I know my mind. If he sits next to me, I'll spend the whole time trying to figure out who he was, where he was going, why he is dressed like that, where he got the hat, is he a drug dealer? a gangster? is he from Panama? Is he excited cos he is travelling for the first time and decided to dress up for the occasion? Did he get everything from a second hand boutique? Why that particular colour? Why is his hair gelled like that? and that big red ring on his finger? Or maybe he is just on the way to meet the love of his life? They've been chatting for months over the Internet and now he is going to see her? Or maybe he just likes dressing sharp? and if you like dressing so sharp, class, elegance, money, WHY THE HELL WILL YOU USE RYAN AIR?

So I just prayed he would not sit next to me, cos all I wanted to do was sleep, and getting my brain active again was really not in my plan...

If you had seen his shoes...

P.S: Can't find the original of this song but this song na helele


Mocha said...

LMAO @ the Pimpsta at the airport!!
I do that guessing thing too..but that dude was OUT THERE!!

Ehehehehehe!!! You've met someone???
Abeg I NEED the gist of this one o!
But I'm happy for you girl :)
And congrats to your friends:

The Bride - *sigh* always know when its "the real thing". Court ceremony, no fuss, they just want to spend their lives together.
Good stuff. God bless 'em.

The new mummy - awwwww...I think the same thing too..I guess we go jus dey pray dey go..God bless & keep them..

How u dey nah??
E don tey. You doin ok?
Glad you had a great weekend.

miz-cynic said...

he reminds me of them italian mafia films or harlem druglords,,,,,apt description

Sting said...

The dude sounds like a character. lol!

Glad u had a great weekend.

Patrice said...

You wonder why he is so nice to you? You are the rare person who smiles at strangers on the train and gives a child canvassing in your neighbourhood a glass of coke with ice on a hot day. That's why.

For a moment I thought the dandy at the airport would be the guy from the wedding who fancies you.

Fashinga said...

lol!!!! the way you described that dude at the airport is so funny...Hope he didnt sit next to you..I dont know why, but i dont like rings on a man's finger (xcept its his wedding band of course)

Awww...i love weddings and i always daydream abt my own wedding whenever i attend one..

Babies are soo cute!!! I get teary-eyed when i hold them..

Abt this guy you met...gist please!!! lol..

Later Dear!!

In my head and around me said...

A simple but beautiful court wedding precisely describes the sort of wedding I want. Hardly possible in Nigeria.

Airport lounge pimping!!

You met a GREAT! man. Awwww! I heard that they existed. Glad to have some evidence.

Tigeress said...

aaaaawwww the only time i've cried at a wedding wasnt becos it was beautiful- it was becos for some silly reason i started questioning God- when will it be my own.

Glad u had a fun weekend. Keep us posted about this bobo- he sounds interesting.

Isi said...

lol! oh my! very funny!

...and that ur curious mind eh!

Anonymous said...

"stars twinkling high above..." Oh lawd! someones wipped... Lmao!