Monday, February 21, 2011

On my mind...

My constant migraine: I need a resolution.

I am begining to feel restless. Like I want to do new things, see other things.

My sister's text which said :Keep smiling.

People that talk anyhow: Why do people talk without thinking? I can't stand it. Bla bla bla bla bla bla, it never stops.

Dancing: I helped my mum fix her CV today and where it said hobbies, she wrote :" dancing and travelling". I am not sure why that was shocking. What did I expect her to write? Cooking and cleaning? It was just funny to see that on paper. So she really likes this dancing thing? She used to dance when we were small and over the years,(and I know this is too bad, but I am sure you all make fun of your parents as well, so), it has become one of those old reliable "can always get you a laugh" kind of thing when we go out. One of us will just start doing her dance steps and ask "guess who I am? guess, who I am?" And now I see that this is actually her hobby! The things you find out as an adult!

Cyprus guy: Haven't met Cyprus Guy since the last time I saw him. He is still out of town. He has been sending texts though. And today when I called him just to say hi, he answered with "Hello baby!" which made me smile, of course.

Writing: Thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking. My brain is boiling over.

Family: My sister is pregnant and everybody else is just buying stuff for her and I want to too but I am so poor. I feel terrible not being able to buy teddy bears and all that. My other sister bought a teddy bear that said "My first teddy bear". I am tempted to just sew a pant for the teddy bear. I used to sew clothes for my teddy bears when I was a child. I could just sew a pant and do an embroidery that says "my first Teddy bear's first pants". At least, it would get a laugh.

Clothes: I wish I could be high class. With heels and fixed nails. Why do I have this "loafer" look?

Books: I am in an odd phase. Everything looks dry these days. Havent bought a book in weeks now...

Migraine: I need a resolution.


Jaycee said...

Hi dearie,

How have you been?

Lol @ your mum's hobby (dancing). Once we're passionate about certain things, it becomes a part of us.

Waffarian, have you gotten a new job yet? I remember when you quit your former one, I hope you have gotten a new one (or will soon get one). Amen.

Berry said...

lol@ why do I always have this loafer look? I feel that way sometimes..
Don't worry.. u'll be aiite..

well.. your mother can love dancing oh..remember u'll be her like in 2 decades or so.. U'll be aiite.. :D

Anonymous said...

hey..have you read 'the secret lives of baba segi's wives". I am sure you will like it...
i have quit my job as well..and would soon be unemployed like you...but i am certain that all is well....
anyways y is your mom doing up her she about to win the nobel prize @ last??

anyways take care babes!


Myne Whitman said...

I pray you get a resolution too, life is hard enough without migraines and stuff. Yeah, more people should call and say hello baby, and do get the shorts for the teddy, it will distract you, and laughter is good for the soul.

Take care of you.

The Corner Shop said...

Haha!!! Sew a pant? Hilarious, but you should seriously consider it oh! Congratulations on your new niece/nephew.

Just take the time to think those resolutions out. It's always good to have a broad flexible plan at least.

I wonder at the many things i don't know about my mother. Maybe i'll get her to play 21 questions lol


SHE said...

I can' stop laughing at the idea of pant for the teddy bear?
Sounds creative though. But really funny.

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

lol...okay i had a good laugh at sewing but i know how u feel in that same position and we can only pray it will get better :)

Ginger said...

Hello Baby!