Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where have they all gone?

I was just reading an old blOg post from 2007 and I can't believe the number of Nigerian bloggers that have just disappeared from Blogville. Of the twenty five bloggers that left a comment on that particular blogpost, only one still has a blog! I wonder where they all life I guess. This documentary of my life better be useful to someone someday, lol. I think it will be mostly useful for me anyway. When I am old and gray and can laugh at the madness and insecurity of my youth.

My former neighbours are moving back to Tanzania and my friends here are moving to another town on the same date.

I feel like its that "recycle" time again. Once every few years, its bound to happen. People leave, others come in, then they leave, etc, etc. A couple of years ago when my American friends left, I was really sad. It felt like I would never have new friends to hang out with...ever. I knew it would be hard to keep in touch and it has been. I hardly ever see them. I have seen them maybe three times or so since they left. And these are people I hung out with almost everyday.

I am scared we will lose touch and life would just go by and then we will, like people often do, remember these years with fondness and that will be it.

Anyway, that's life. I accept it as it is.

I have decided to immerse myself in my books and writing and ignore this recycling stuff. Off to the library.


Anonymous said...

I'm still here! :0)
Take care.


sabrina said...


Ginger said...

Life happened to them or they found other non-blogging outlets like Tweeter?!

Patrice said...

Many of them came out of the gates at warp speed and burnt out. The key to blogging longevity, I think, is to pace yourself.

Adaeze said...

i know what u mean...i feel the same way. I guess some things are made to be and some are not and it also depends on the level of commitment on both sides to make it happen.

The Corner Shop said...

Lol! Embrace this recycling stuff- it gives you an opportunity to meet fab people.