Monday, August 29, 2011


Today started out okay. Woke up quite early cos I could not sleep so I had time to dress up and leave without the usual time problems.

Anxiety: Forced myself to do something incredibly important even though I have been putting it off for ages. When that was done, I did not feel good. I thought I would get some sort of satisfaction but I did not.

An old "boss" called me out of the blue...all "a.s.a.p" and if I could rush in, emergency, bla bla bla...ehnnnnnnn a BIG FAT NO!!! That one has issues. I don't even know why she still has my number. I have erased hers months ago.

I feel tired. I think I used up all my will power to get just one thing done. Now I feel like I have to take a nap even though I drank lots of coffee. However, I feel a bit active than I have done since returning. I used my bicycle instead of taking the bus.

Anyway, I am exhausted.


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