Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome back!

After gone for almost a month, I returned yesterday morning. It had been a good month, spent mostly with my family and making new friends. I did not spend time with old friends as I thought I would. This did not bother me so much. Its the cycle thing. I am sure it was meant to be that way because I would not trade the moments I had with my new friends anyway.

I had expected to spend my first day alone but I had to go get my keys which I had left at a friends place. She in turn, had given it to her relative who works in a shop in the city so I dragged myself and my luggage across town to get it. He was super nice to me, told me "welcome back" and gave me a hug. This was quite refreshing. Nobody ever says "welcome" when I travel because nobody is ever waiting for me anywhere.

By the time I got back home, I was very tired. I was fast asleep when the Persian called to say he was coming over.

He arrived with a bouquet of red roses. They were red like blood and fat. They looked amazing.

"Welcome back" he said.

And then he gave me a basket of fruits (ha ha ha...not suprising as he always visits with fruits)and a birthday present. A gift card to a shop I like.

This made me incredibly happy.

Then he helped me clear out my fridge, find a vase for the roses and then we went to a nearby restaurant and had dinner.

Yeah, it was not so bad to come back after all. I had dreaded returning to the emptiness of my room...

Now I am listening to music and then I will go for a walk and perhaps buy ice cream.



Muse Origins said...

Welcome back :)

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Muse Origins

LusciousRon said...

Welcome back. A very nice and warm welcome you had.

Tee said...

Welcome home Waffy

Patrice said...

Nobody ever says "welcome" when I travel because nobody is ever waiting for me anywhere.

I was waiting. Welcome!

Anonymous said...

It is nice to go back home after being away for a while, especially when you are welcomed back with a bouquet of roses. Im sure u were missed. Welcome back.