Thursday, October 13, 2011


My eye problem is finally gonna be solved! One of my eyes has serious astigmatism and I was there last year and they made me do all kinds of tests and then they said I would have to have a "hard contact" lens on that eye so I got scared and never went back, after paying for all those expensive tests.

Anyway, got a call from a very nice lady at the hospital today who said they had been reviewing my journal and saw that my journal seemed "irregular" and she doubts if I would need "hard plastic" (I still don't even know what the fuck that means)but it was important that I have something to help me, etc etc, so now I am booked for a new consultation with a very very nice lady.

Truth is, I would NEVER have called or gone back there and this has really been on my mind for the past year, that I should do something about it. I know they might say the eye is "worse" and it will all be my fault. I know that but at least, the issue will get some resolution and it can be one more thing off my mind.

Thank you life. I must be doing something right these days.

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