Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some Persian news...

So today the Persian called and sounded really upset. He wanted to know what he was to me...

Chineke, God Of Africa, what kind of question is that?

First of all, when I asked him that some months ago, he said, it did not matter, that I was his "friend", so why is HE asking me now?

"Waffy, tell me, what am I to you? am I your friend, your boyfriend or what? I want to know who I am beside you".

I told him that he gets the same reply he gave me before.

He is angry cos he called me last week and I said I would call back and I never did...

"You said you will call back, its been one week since then" he said.

"And?" I replied.

"That is your reply..."and"?


It was then he went off into the speech of who he was to me.

I told him to call me back when he was in a good mood.

He should go and rest. All this drama this early evening...


Patrice said...

Awkward, but try to be empathetic. Never underestimate a person's feelings for you.

Longsufferer said...

Lol...tables have turned,u have taken the position of power in d relationship, but don't forget the past!