Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October already...

Ah! This life is just time...your clock starts ticking and then one day it stops. Jesus. I should stop looking at clocks or I'll go crazy.

What's new? Nothing much except I have returned to the gym...

The gym is an interesting place. The other day I was just putting my stuff into a locker only to be confronted by a pussy in my face. I don't understand how people do it. They just stand there, stark naked in very close proximity. I am telling you, an inch futher and it could have touched the tip of my nose. I don't get why she could not have moved a bit or tie a towel or wear her panties. And it was a very short spanish speaking girl with bow legs. She was just chatting there with her friends. There was just something bare about her. I mean there were other naked women in the room but maybe it was the bow legs...anyway, it was a rude shock.

So, I am in "aches and pains". Sore all over. I actually forgot that all that stuff hurts.

OOps. I gats to go...time waits for no man.

Have a good month and a good week. Love. Yeah, enjoy some soul. God knows we all need a little sugar in our lives...listen and pretend you are somewhere else, doing something else...except you wanna be right where you are, then just enjoy.

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Tee said...

Lol and eeewww @ a pussy in your face...Sorry o