Thursday, November 17, 2011

Girl stuff...

What to make of this? Please someone that is good at understanding the minds of men, help out cos I don't really get it.

1. Met someone, had great time, perfect day, was supposed to meet next day, he called saying "I can't". So never met for planned date.

2. Did not hear from him for about a week. Then suddenly he calls and wants to meet up.

3. Met up with him and had "ok" day and then again, he disappears. I don't hear from him for more than a week.

4. Now this time, I called to check what was up, we make another date. He calls and cancels.

5. A week later, he calls and wants to meet but I say I am traveling so its not possible.

6. Today he calls and asks if we can meet. I tell him I am not comfortable with all this date planning and disappearing act of his cos it just makes me very uncomfortable not knowing what he is up to. So I decide to be honest with him. I tell him that I am not meeting him because there is a possibility of having sex and if that's what he wants then we can as well stop playing games cos its just wasting both our times, however, if he wants to meet up to get to know me better, then its okay but I can't do all that "disappearing" shit. Anyway, he says its just a big misunderstanding and its mostly because he has been very busy and if it makes me feel better then, we can meet on whatever "terms" I want. I tell him just getting to know him works for me. He says then that's what we will do then. However, what's up with all that cancelling all the time and never calling? I don't know. I am not totally convinced that he is being honest with me.

7. At the same time, I feel like I should perhaps give him a chance.

8.But I seriously don't have time for complicated shit at the moment.

9. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

10. To meet him or not?


Fluffycutething said...

Do meet with him, let's give him the benefit of doubt.

It doesnt have to graduate to physical if you dont want it to nevertheless!!!

Men sure are complex

mizchif said...

i would say meet him, since you already told him how u feel about his disappearing.

Anonymous said...

Not to meet him....

Patrice said...

Is that the guy from this post?

There is no way of knowing what, if anything, he may be hiding from you. But, if sex is all he is after, it sounds like you just gave him reason to be optimistic. Best, I think, to take this slowly until he has shown his hand a bit more and earned your trust.

Myne Whitman said...

Meet him, lol...

Just take it easy.

Waffarian said...

Hello guys! Thanks for the feedback although it was pretty

UPDATE: I met him and it was not so bad after all. He came with chocolate (at least he gets a point for that) and even though he did not really have a good excuse for his M.I.A, it seemed he was genuinely glad to be with me and just chat. At the end, we did not talk about meeting anymore but he did phone later to say thanks and wish me a good night (which I thought was a sign that he had listened to my complain about his not calling, etc)

Conclusion: I'll just be cool and see what he is up to. Still not convinced that this is anything. I enjoy his company though so he might just end up being a friend. Also, I don't feel like having a dramatic relationship so if its one of those things that I have to think about often to figure out if he is into me or not, I'll just let it go.

Thanks again guys!