Monday, November 7, 2011

Just something...

He walked beside me. Fast, very fast. He does not look at me. We are going to the same place but it seems my presence makes no difference. I begin to feel invisible. Why don't you see me?

But soon enough, my mind takes over and I also begin to drift away. I forget that he is beside me, I start to hum inside and I feel the wind on my face. He says he is cold. I am not sure I care, one way or the other. Now I don't see him either.

Then we arrive and he is normal again. He sees everybody, talks to everybody. I feel good, it does not matter if he sees me or not. Other people see me. Other people smile at me. I smile at them. A woman I have only met a couple of times offers to pay for something for me.

I don't know what to say. I tell her she is nice. She says "I am not at all nice".

A guy that I have always been meaning to talk to is in deep conversation with someone else. I try to catch his eye but they are speaking in French. I forget about him too, after a while.

I eat one cookie after another and observe everything around me. I don't have anybody to talk to, but it does not matter. I have drifted away again.

Then I discover the sweets. I start to eat them too. I try all the sorts. The guy sitting next to the sweets laughs at me. He thinks it is funny.

When we leave the place, again, he is silent. He ignores me as if we had not arrived together or left together. He almost forgets to say goodbye.

I wonder what kind of a person he is but I can't be bothered to do my usual analysing...

I run to get the bus.

Now I am home and hungry.

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Muse Origins said...

Life! *sigh