Thursday, November 3, 2011

A nice mood...

All my childhood friends in Nigeria are getting married left, right and center. There will be no singles left by the end of the year. Just talked to my brother's childhood best friend who has always been my number one hang out buddy back home and now, he too is getting married. The only thing I could think of was "who will I hang with when I go home?" but at the same time, I am quite positive for them cos that's what they all want, dream of, so in a way, it's their dreams coming true, and isn't that what we all wish for? For dreams to come true?

I feel better today so I am going back to the gym. I have been quite fucked up the last days so it will be fun to have some energy again.

What is new? Nada! Life is okay. Doing what I have to do which is all life can ask of me at the moment.

Stay cool, live life, be good.

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