Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just another "classic" male ego...

Okay, I am really not at all a "snotty" kind of person. I hardly talk about myself (apart from on my blog of course and my diary)to others except I am asked. If not, I don't naturally just talk about myself. Anyway, so this guy comes over yesterday and we are having a good time, drinking wine and just chatting, he asks me if he can smoke. I say "sure, no problem". He takes out his cigarette, takes a drag, and all of a sudden, turns to me and says...

"You think you are better than everyone else"


"You think you are better than everyone else, you have your nose all up in the air with your books"


"What? You think you are better than me cos you have books and a bookshelf?"

(Mind you, my books have been in boxes for years and I only got a bookshelf recently from my neighbor and that was the first time he was seeing my books or bookshelf. Of course, it is noticeable cos it was not there before, but other than that, its not a fucking big deal. Anyway, no need to explain further. Everybody has bookshelves, its not anything spectacular).

When he said that last sentence of course, I began to smile cos it was amusing. Was he being intimidated by books? Jesus have mercy! Cos I mean, its not me he is intimidated by cos until he saw those books, he never thought I was stuck up or anything. In fact, he always said I was such a down to earth person, now all of a sudden, I am stuck up?

I looked at the books and wondered which of them had got to him? Anyway, so in my mind, I am thoroughly amused to see him all worked up in such a way...

So there he is, smoking and looking at me to see if he can get a reaction from me.

I did not really feel like saying anything so I just kept starring at the books, wondering how pieces of paper can bring forth such a strong reaction...

Anyway, after a while, he comes and sits next to me and says...

"Is it not true? You think you are better than me?"

"Its not true"

"But you think you are better than me? That's the truth"

"Its your opinion, its not the truth. That something is an opinion does not make it true"

After a while, I see his shoulders relax and then he kisses me on the cheek and says

"I was just joking, you are such a nice person. You are the nicest person I have ever met, it was just a joke"


What kind of useless humour is that? I think he was really serious cos in some fucked up way he wanted to hurt me but since the only reaction he got was amusement, he decided to play it off as a "joke".

Yeah right. What kind of low esteemed man gets intimidated by a bookshelf?

That's fucked up, men.

They are just books.

Meanwhile: Am I really gonna start off 2012 with some man telling me who I am? Really? Is that really the way my relationship with men is gonna be this year? Cos if that is the case, then this year is gonna be another hopeless year. But hey, it just the beginning...lol...Lord have mercy.

and meanwhile, he wasn't all that either...if you get my drift:


hotchocolate said...

Oh, that was classic! Something similar happened to em a few years ago, so I can relate. Talk about twisted humour. Well played, by the way. Thanks for brightening uo my day, and pop over to my blog when you get the chance. Stay blessed

SHE said...

No, he couldn't have been all that, if a bookshelf and some books got him that way.