Monday, January 23, 2012

Just stuff on my mind...

Once in a while I get a bit worried about stuff. I try not to be but it feels like there is just so much I still need to fix in my life. Okay, I have worked very hard the past three years to tie up all the loose ends but sometimes it feels like its taking forever...

I know after this year, things are pretty much going to be very stable but still, I have to mentally push my self everyday to be strong and sometimes it feels like if I even stop for a moment, I won't be able to keep going so I try not to think too much and just concentrate on all the things I need to do.

Its really hard not having any "buffer" or whatever. Its like there is no room for failure. I don't have any more alternative plans. This is it men, everything needs to work or else I am pretty much screwed.

Do you know how hard it is to have that kind of pressure on the mind?

But what to do, I just have to keep going. I stop to even think a bit and it will all fall apart.


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