Tuesday, July 10, 2012


 No matter how clear things seems to be for me, (perhaps I should say "in my head"), when it goes out there in the world, among other humans, it just looks weird, strange...my thoughts somehow get configured on the way to its destination and on arriving, everything is just fucking strange.

Too honest? Too honest for this world?

Better to keep quiet and go with the fucking flow?

 If I am strange so be it. I am tired of apologising for the good stuff.

Ah, I laugh at life.

Its not that serious anyway. Yeah, yeah, I am strange. Whatever.


Sugabelly said...

Lots of people have called me strange all my life and i've accepted it s dn't worry, you're in good company. How are you?

Waffarian said...

I dey jare... how is Naija treating you?