Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Finally have some time to update this blog. What has been happening in my life?

Well, after my panic/shock of last week, things are pretty much back to normal except that I feel unusually restless at nights. Did not sleep at all last night....not thinking or anything, cos I am too tired every night to do my usual deep thinking, analysing, etc...I mostly just stare at the ceiling...

But, lets get back to what I have been up. My day looks exactly like this:

5:00 am: Alarm goes off, I spend the next hour trying to wake up and getting myself out of bed.

6:00 am: I finally get up, mumbling and irritated.

6:30 am: I have had a shower, and I am now sitting on my bed staring at the floor....trying to get dressed.

6:45: I wear whatever as I have now run out of time and I can't put off leaving the building.

6:50: I walk briskly to the bus stop.

6:53: The bus leaves. I sit on the bus. Lost in my thoughts.

7:00: I get off the bus. Buy a cup of coffee from a nearby shop.

7:08: Sitting on the bench at the train station drinking coffee.

7:11: Get on train.

Okay, I am bored with writng this post. Basically, by 8 I am at work and I am there until 4. The same thing as above pretty much happens on the way back except in reverse.


Anonymous said...

wait a minute, what happened to coffee money going to charity? :-)
I'm glad you're better.Take care.

Anonymous said...

nice blog :)