Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What brings order in the world is to love and let love do what it will...

Nothing to wait for, nobody to wait for. No phone calls or texts to wait for. No mails, no letters, no cards, nothing. I have got nothing to wait for.

"I wish someone was waiting for me somewhere" is my all time favourite book title. Anytime I am on a train, bus, plane, I remember that title.

"What will you fill days with now Waffy?" a friend asked me.

Well, I fucking know what I am NOT doing.

Yesterday, after watching so much tv that my head began to hurt, I laughed at the madness of the world. On one channel a group of housewives were findng problems out of nothing, doing nothing out of nothing. I have to admit, I am fascinated with all the housewives shows they have in America. How the hell do they manage to make nothing out of nothing?  Quite fascinating. I won't mind moving to Miami when I am fifty and try to figure that out. On another channel, there was some real life series on crimes. A husband suffocates his wife with a pillow after drugging her up. Apparently, he just wanted to get out of it or be with someone else. We will never know. "Why did you just not leave?" People are such cowards. How can a relationship get so infected that  it actually got to the point where instead of walking away, that became your only option? On the text tv, there was a report of the insurance people asking a dying man for a date of his expected demise. Perhaps to calculate how much will be needed for his upkeep. Assholes!How tactless!

Of course, all this made me burst into laughter. What a mad world. Talking of a mad world, facebook most be the craziest space on earth. The kind of shit one sees there...quite sick. People with over inflated egos giving blow by blow accounts of their incredibly mundane lives. And with pictures too, to top it all.

What will I fill my days up with?

Writing, writing, writing. I have so much unfinished projects that it is totally crazy. I don't even know where they all are...here and there.  So yeah, will be writing more on my blog now just so I get my flow going every morning. If I start the day writing, I usually get into a good flow.

How am I? Feeling pretty great now that I am no longer in the middle of the road. What's that quote again?  Just saw it on an old blog "We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over".

You've gat to have the heart to stay or quit.

I usually quit. Wish I had the heart to stay in complicated shit and wait it out but I never have. Life should not be hard. It should be simple. Once it gets too complicated, I bail the fuck out. I don't handle complications well. Never have. That's why I am alone, I guess and will probably remain so until I find someone who also wants the simple things in life.  Laughter, music, beauty, joy in simple things. A joke shared, a smile over coffee, a touch, a kiss.

Fuck money, fuck status, fuck the villa, fuck your fucking need for fame and fortune.

But now off to the library.

What a rant this post has been! But loving it, regardless. This is what I am listening to at this very moment.


Bellevue Locksmith said...

nice heading its all about love....

Omodudu Onidada Osun said...

IKR? I take pride in my ability to walk away. Shit dont need to be that serious. I can do bad all by myself,though love (as I want it) would be fucking amazing.