Friday, February 1, 2013

Your own shit should be easier to clean...

My mother says the funniest things. After complaining about the huge mess I have made of stuff  and how I now had to clean it all up, she says, well better to clean your own shit up that somebody elses!. Your own shit should be easier to clean.

Well, it made sense. At least its mine. lol.

Nothing new here, my friend fixed my old laptop so I am super happy. Only problem is for some reason, I cant use the quotations marks and other symbols...anyway, I am sure thats also an easy thing to fix.

Been listening to a lot of music...

Trying to crawl back into some sort of social life...I have been neglecting that...I mean, I go out, its not like I am stuck in some kind of hole somewhere but I have not had my usual variety. I have just been doing the same things all the time. Boring.

Getting to the end of a journey is always hard. I totally freaked out last week. My brain was on overload and with insomnia, you can imagine. No structure, no organization,just running about like a chicken without a head.

Now sleeping is a bit under control. I try to take naps and I sleep some hours now at night.

I am hungry. Have to go.

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