Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The coffee club

I got a nice message today, a very good friend of mine is coming to visit, and this brought back lots of fun memories. I remember the first time I met my friend, I was rushing as usual from the metro, cigarette in one hand (yes, much to my shame, I used to be a smoker) and books in the other, trying to walk as fast as I could while at the same time smoking as fast as I could. I noticed someone across the street doing the exact same thing, trying to smoke and run at the same time. We got to the front of the building at same time, still trying to finish off what was left of our cigarettes.

Me: We are finishing these, right?
Him: Of course.

We finished our cigarettes and went up the lift, we stopped at the same door.

Me: I think we are in the same course
Him: Thank God! a normal person at last!

Thus, commenced a friendship and invention of the "coffee club". The coffee club started off with very honourable intentions, we were going to go to the cafe after every course and do our assignments together while drinking coffee and smoking. Well, the coffee club continued throughout the duration of the course but the only honorable thing we ever did on our meetings was to have discussions on books we had read, apart from that, the sessions were mostly filled with gossiping and smoking our lungs away. Soon enough though, the coffee club became quite popular as other members of the course thought it was a great idea to "study". Unfortunately, not everybody was suited for the coffee club and we were wont to "sack" people at will. I remember a particular case of a very sweet Greek girl that became a regular in the club circuit. She turned up like clockwork and would actually make us do some work. However, one day, she also happened to open her mouth. She was quite young but already had very strong political views. She had a lot of hatred for her Turkish neighbours and expressed her views quite openly. The founding members of the club both agreed that she was no longer suitable to be a member of our club. We "sacked" her that same day. The club disbanded after our course ended and we all soon went our different ways but by this time next month, there will be a reunion of the coffee club with the only two members left.

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Bitchy said...

Lol! You sacked people from your club? That's bloody hilarious