Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Hello friends, our very own solomonsydelle and Omodudu are at it again! They will soon be launching a brand new website NigerianLighthouseand to celebrate our country's independence day, they have also launched a new campaign. Please do not be afraid to take part in the competition, write something, anything, I am sure we all have a lot of venting to get off our chests!

Nigeria will be 47 on October 1st. To celebrate the nation’s birthday and to commemorate Nigerian Lighthouse’s inception, we present the Speak Up Nigeria campaign. This is an attempt to encourage unity amongst Nigerians.

Write a message to Nigeria. Whatever it is you have ever wanted to say. Your message can be long or short, funny or serious. Just send a message to your country on its day of Independence. The top 5 messages will be selected by the Nigerian Lighthouse Team and voted upon by the Nigerian blogger community. The best message will receive an IPOD NANO and the winner will be announced on October 1st.

Only one message per participant is allowed, so make it a good one!


All messages must be submitted by midnight (US Eastern time) on Saturday, September 29th.

1. One entry per participant.

2. The winning post will become the property of Nigerian Lighthouse.

3. All participants must provide their email address.

4. The winner may be asked to provide their name and address to receive their prize.

For more information, please go to NigerianLighthouse


Atutupoyoyo said...

Thanks for the heads up Waffy. Will check it out

Omodudu said...

Thanks sis..really thanks.

Nyemoni said...

Nice one!! I'm sure you meant to be submitted before Sept 29th?

Waffarian said...

@atutupoyoyo, I have a character I think you'll be perfect for!

@nyemoni, thanks for pointing that out!i have changed it.