Sunday, September 19, 2010

Alas! the experiment ends...

You can all breathe a sign of relief. There shall be no more dates or exciting new meetings with interesting characters. After much thought, okay, I shall not lie. I gave it no thought at all, except a feeling suddenly came over me that I was through. So, did I find anybody interesting? Somebody that I want to know more of? No. Not really. Out of 6 men! you might scream with awe. Do not scream. I am not picky. As a line goes in a song I know, "we light the fire with paper and not wood". Basically, my fire for dating has burnt out. It's one of those fires that burns fast, cos it was not real fire anyway, not with wood. I wanted to be sure that I had done EVERYTHING, so I can now offer all those that might question my life as a spinster, the following words, "I tried everything". That said, I had a lovely time observing and noticing details, making up stories in my head and indulging in one fantasy or the other. Why I have chosen, today of all days to end my play with "paper fueled" fire, is a mystery.

Everything is going well, I have two potential lovers and there is hope that my heart might finally let go and I would be bouncing along in bubbles of delight and love. However, it has come to my attention that I am not taking any of these dates as seriously as I should. I spend most of my time drinking in their details and making notes about potential characters. It is sad indeed. Should I not be falling in love or at least having some sex? Taking all these facts into consideration, I have decided to end my dating spree for the time being. Perhaps in the future I might have a sudden burst of energy again? Who knows?

But for now, I hang up my jacket and drink some tea.


Patrice said...

That was quite the experiment . . . but I am not surprised at the results. I used to do lots of experiments, tweaking cells and then looking down the microscope at millions, maybe even billions, of them in Petri dishes. I counted them, stained them, characterized them, analyzed them, even wrote about them. Of the millions and billions of cells I studied in my experiments, I never, ever fell in love with one of them. Like you with the men in your experiment, I was always the detached observer of their behaviours so that my emotions would not affect my observations.

Let the men out of your test tube, Waffarian.

Myne Whitman said...

2 potentials is not bad, is it? :):))

Anonymous said...

@ Patrice
Maybe the test tube tickles her more? ;)