Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where were we?

Even I, am confused with all my dates...but lets try and sort this out.

Met date number 4 again.

I think I like him cos he seems calm and fun. He works hard and plays hard, which I think is what life should be about. What is the point of working so hard if you don't get to enjoy yourself? Also, he was quite a gentle man. I think I mentioned that before. It all seems to be going so well, except for this minor complication...which is date 6.

Date number 6

Well, not actually a "date", but I am giving him a number too , so he can be in the race. I kinda bumped into him at the bus stop. Yes! I know! My dream of just casually meeting the man of my dreams at the bus stop or preferably on the train, might actually come true...well, lets not get ahead of ourselves here. I met him at the bus stop. I was rushing like mad to get the bus and the bus just left! He was smiling and said "you just missed it" and I must have said a couple of incomprehensible sentences including swear words. We got on the same bus later on and just got chatting...

Anyway, so date number 6 is very much like me. Global. I like "global". Laughs a lot. I like laughing. Swims. I swim. Might be "intense"...ehhhh...halllllllllo! I am "intense" and spontaneous. I am spontaneous.

The big fear of course, as my lovely friend Tina put it (Thanks Tina!) was that there was a potential that next week he will buy me a necklace and declare his undying love for me (Why exactly a necklace, I do not know, but I am assuming Tina has experience with those types). That just means, it might get serious really fast which is what WE (I and Tina) do not want at all. We would like it to be slow and calm, which is what we have decided that I need. Which brings us back to date number 4...

Date number 4.

Well, it seems his catch phrase might be "sleep on it". As we departed again, last night, I asked him if he thought I liked him at all..

This seemed to startle him and I am quite sure he stammered a bit. Finally he said "Sleep on it"...

I started laughing...

What exactly do we know of date number 4? He is an only child, lived in Germany for ten years, enjoys sailing, hockey, football and drinking beer. Seems to be living a care free life full of sports activities and friends. Been single for a long time. Why????

Basically, they both have the potential to kill me one day and leave me in a dustbin...according to Tina. We really know nothing of these two characters. Except one is very forward and the other laid back.

Update on date 6

Not sure I am "that" interested anymore. He walks very slow. I can't stand people that walk as if they don't have any time limit. It irritates the hell out of me. This must come though from the fact that I always disliked seeing all those rich men in agbadas in Nigeria, strolling without a care in the world, with somebody else carry their briefcase. I guess those images have traumatized me for life.

*agbada*= traditional Nigerian Attire, mostly worn by rich big bellied men.

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