Saturday, December 11, 2010

In new place...

This post is a little bit "scattered", but I can't really be bothered to get my thoughts in order...

I haven't really been able to properly think about anything because I am having such a tough time recovering. I think its because I have not rested properly. Anyway, somehow, I don't know how, but I managed to get through moving day yesterday. Carrying boxes and all, but to say the truth, I had two really strong friends that did most of the heavy work. Without them, it would have taken me the whole day. It took us, just three of us, 4 hours.

Then I was left alone with boxes in an empty apartment. It felt like when your parents drop you off at boarding house. They help you pack, make sure everything is okay, you have everything, nothing is left behind, and then all of a sudden you are alone.

Feels like it happened without warning even though you have been going through the motions packing.

But it was not that bad. I ate at Tinas place yesterday and her son had set the table for me, and was really concerned that I ate, which made me want to cry.

And Tina was here and made the place a bit more homely with just a few tricks. Carpets and television. And then she was off, like Mary Poppins.

This gave me strength to do a few things. Like fixing the internet and insurance and booking laundry time.

My brother called me yesterday just before I was about to sleep and that made me feel not so alone.

I woke up this morning and lifted boxes here and there, just to make some room for my legs.

I feel a bit vulnerable but I have to think of the advantages of this new place...

Oh by the way, heard an interesting comment from Mario( noble prize winner) on the little round table discussion with all the Nobel prize winners (I have to say it was not at all as interesting as it should be. Not impressed. I don't know what I was expecting but the other years have been more interesting than this, just Mario was impressive). Anyway, so, the moderator made an interesting observation, that most of the Nobel prize winners are people who have lived in different countries, ie, have lived a couple of years here and there, etc, he asked if they thought it was because they moved to those countries that they had become successful.

And Mario said, no, it was only because those kind of people that move around a lot are naturally curious, can adapt easily and are willing to continue to learn new things which is probably why most of the panel are Nobel prize winners, because of their nature and not because of the countries they have lived in.

Anyway, internet is working, even though I am not sure I have clicked the right boxes. That will be solved over the phone. Same for insurance. Any problems will be solved over phone. For now, things are working so I am happy.

Now I have to get something to eat.

I think it will be good here, as soon as I get myself to IKEA...

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