Thursday, December 9, 2010

In this apartment...

I am surrounded by boxes. I am moving.

I have fought so many battles in here, with myself.

Oh how I have cried here! and regretted moments, days, years, I was unconsolable. I was so sad...

But how I have danced here! Free and with arms and feet, I have danced and danced...I was unstoppable. I was so happy...

For sure, I have been lonely. Very lonely. Sometimes I could not sleep. I would be awake, hoping someone would call me. Nobody ever did.

But this is also where I learnt to love my own company. I found a friend in me and many times I was awake, having the best of times and hoping nobody would call.

Oh, but wasn't this also where I had some sort of mental block? and couldn't write for months?

Oh yes, but this was also where I began to paint, and sing, and draw, and do things I had never done before.

But did I not used to drink at nights here, just to be able to close my eyelids?

But I began meditating here too, morning and nights, and I did close my eyelids.

But did I not lose love again here? Remember the man that you thought was just like you?

What love? Isn't this the same place I laughed out loud at the stupidity of it all? Oh how I laughed at them all...

How I have grown in this apartment!

But the greatest gift this apartment gave me, was my favourite inspiration.

This is the best gift I got. I found inspiration again, to just be me.

But as my friend Tina said, "Its time now, Waffy. Its played its part".

And its true. This apartment has played its part. Now its time to move on.

Closer to the city, closer to friends, closer to life.

I am grateful for having been in this place and the people I have met here.

Life calls. Adios.

Just cos this is on the radio now...


LusciousRon said...

Quite melancholic. Goodluck with the new apartment

2cute4u said...

Wishing you the very best as you move to your new apartment dear..
Take care