Friday, December 31, 2010

The last shit of the year.

A stupid internet site has just taken all my money in my account because in my haste many months ago, I never looked through the conditions of what I signed on for.

Now I see they have an "automatic payment" system which I thought only I could authorise with my bank but I guess I was too stupid to understand that they could take it from the card I used.

That, hopefully, is the last shit from 2010 for me. I have written mails, I have called my bank, it had been reserved six months ago on my card so its gone already. C'est la vie.

This year was shit and it ended shitty.

2011 can't be worse than 2010. If I survived this year, then I can survive any year.

I am super woman.


Patrice said...

Happy New Year, Waffarian. May you win the lottery jackpot and buy the damned company that emptied your account so you can get your money back!

SHE said...

Yes Lady, 2010 might have been shitty, but if it didn't kill you, we can only hope it made you stronger!

Anonymous said...

May this new year fulfill all your dreams!

mizchif said...

2011 can only be better.

Happy New year :*