Sunday, December 19, 2010

On a Sunday...

I was at the hospital yesterday. Finally, I got some strong anti biotics and something else for my chronic sinus inflammation. Just getting myself there was so tough. I was totally disorientated and I had no idea where I was but the kind nurse was really patient and understood that I was really ill which unfortunately, some others could not understand. I was in tears by the time I got there cos I was so very tired. According to the doctor, this extreme fatigue I have been experiencing is because of a strong infection and because my whole system is totally fucked up. He assured me that I will be better in a week or so. I am counting.

This whole christmas season is going past me cos I have not really had energy for anything and I still do not. All I want to do is sleep and get better. I guess the partying will be saved for the new year instead.

I saw all kinds people yesterday, everywhere. An addict, walking back and forth with sores and blisters on his mouth, looking confused. A man with the most amazing mustache staring lovingly at his pregnant wife who was in hijab. A French couple who both looked pinched. Another couple who laughed all the way on the bus....

Now I am tired again. Later.

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2cute4u said...

Sincerely hope you d get better honey..
Wishing you the best Holiday ever.