Friday, May 16, 2008


Okay guys, those of you planning to go home for the summer, please use another airline, NOT BRITISH AIRWAYS.I just came back from Nigeria and I used Lufthansa. Here is how it went down at the BA offices in Nigeria where they felt the need to call mobile police for the unarmed group of decent Nigerians that went there to announce the begining of a boycott.



Naapali said...

welcome back. will return to read your escapades in Naija. There I was thinking you were still hung over from your wine.

Standtall said...

Solidarity forever, solidarity forever, solidarity forever we shall always fight for right!!!

If it takes our speaking up to put BA out of biz so be it. Never flew them but m yet to hear a good story about the way the treat Nigerians.

Uzezi said...

shit! and i was gonna call u tonight cos im in opebi.

Anonymous said...

me british airways..never!!!solidarit forever!!!